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Mentoring Future Generations with Style & Grace with Corbin Thomas

March 27, 2019

In this episode of the Here We Glow Podcast, Corbin Thomas shares his passions of serving his community through sports, fashion, and youth development. Corbin and Ashley discuss the process to starting a non-profit organization and clothing brand. Corbin also shares how his Christian values and walk in faith has shaped his life and career. 

About Corbin
Corbin is a Relationship Manager for Limitless Creative Company and  Manager at Station 23, the Jordan Brand Facility in Chicago. In addition to his full-time gigs, Corbin is one of the founders of of the B.I.G. Homie Project, a youth organization, and Chxsen, a faith-based clothing brand.  Corbin earned his Bachelor’s in Applied Arts & Sciences from Midwestern State University and has played basketball at the collegiate and professional level.
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Chxsen Clothing Brand:
Chxsen Instagram: @thechxsenfew
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